The organisation KULTUR FÜR KINDER consists of a motivated and engaged team of artists and cultural mediators, as well as education experts and scientists, who all share one goal: to support the wellbeing of children.

© Monika Jeschko/Kultur für Kinder

Mag. Monika Jeschko
Founder, Board Member

Project management, development and musical outreach

Studied business administration, broad experience in cultural and music industries as well as the private sector. Specialized in the development, cooperation and execution of cultural events and cultural outreach programmes.

“Every child has a gift – helping children to discover and develop this gift with others is the duty and joy of our work.”

© Anja Linhart/Kultur für Kinder

Dipl. Pol. Anja Linhart
Board Member

Planning, communication and finances

After studying political sciences at university, Anja Linhart worked extensively in the radio and television journalism industries in Germany. She specialises in cultural outreach programmes for children and young people, and is currently engaged in various educational initiatives.

“We want to nurture healthy, happy and curious children, who are able to uncover and explore their talents on their own terms.”

© Raimund Jakesz

Univ Prof. Dr. Raimund Jakesz
Board Member

Academic support and health studies

University professor for surgical studies with significant interest and experience in the effects of school medicine and the process of self-healing through art and music.

“Enabling children access to cultural activities seems to me an important method to promote good health.”

© Doris Kucera

Elisabeth Lahner
Sponsoring & Fundraising

Contact person for sponsors, foundations, donators

Many years of experience in developing and managing cultural sponsorship in the music sector. Specialized in concept development and event management. Particular interest in combining cultural and educational sponsorship.

“The basis for an open society of the future is created for our children through the best possible education and through creative participation in the most diverse forms of culture”.

Eva foto 3

Mag.a Eva-Maria Wall
Organisation & Back Office

Contact person for organisational and artistic matters

After she majored in theatre and film studies, she decided to focus on theatre and dance mediation and education. She as well has a diploma in theatre education (BUT).

“Enabling children to discover their creativity freely and to give them space for self-experience, is a real gift. I am happy to support KULTUR FÜR KINDER and to be able to encourage and accompany the children when making these experiences. Because the world needs strong children!”

© Marlene Karpischek

Mag.a Elisabeth Weinhandl
Organisation & Back Office

Contact person for scores and musical matters

She majored in Pedagogics (French and Music) and is a musician (cello).

“For me personally, music, language and art are enriching and indispensable for expressing myself, being creative or communicating with other people. I am pleased that KULTUR FÜR KINDER creates the opportunity for children to experience culture, arts and life itself. “