My little plant kingdom

Die Kulturschultüte is entering exciting new terrain: together with the KinderBOKU, the University for Life Sciences, KULTUR FÜR KINDER has designed a project with plants and nature at its core. Which conditions are required for plants to grow properly, and what can we do with them?

Children in the 3rd and 4th grade of primary school will learn about the secrets of the plant world and themselves take on the role of researchers. They will plant up their own beds in school, observe how their little shoots grow, and conduct experiments together with students of the BOKU. Furthermore, the pupils will be invited to visit the university: they won’t only see the BOKU-garden and arboretum, a kind of tree museum, but will also hear a special kids’ lecture.

Workshop for teachers:

Workshop in the school:

Dates BOKU:


18th February 2020, 3pm, BOKU Vienna

March/April 2020, dates to be arranged individually

during the first two weeks of June 2020, exact dates to be confirmed, BOKU Vienna

Martina Fröhlich at or on 01/47654-31221