The Ghost of Canterville

Witching hour at the Volksoper! In the coming school year, the stage of the opera house will be transformed into Canterville Castle, home to Simon, the ancient household spook, who has been condemned to remain forever a ghost.

Sir Simon is tired after centuries of spooking and would really rather retire. New residents move into the castle: a property dealer and his three children. The bratty twins, Leon and Noel, delight in playing all manner of tricks on poor Simon. Only the oldest of the three children, Virginia, takes pity on the spook, condemned to haunt the house forever…but can she release him from the curse?

Oscar Wilde’s famous ghost story of the year 1887 has been adapted many a time for theatre, film and opera. German composer Marius Felix Lange has brought the story bang up to date: his thrilling opera for old and young premiered in Zurich in 2013 and was rewritten for Berlin in 2014.

The work will enjoy its Austrian debut with director Philipp M. Krenn.

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date according to agreement

date according to agreement

23rd March 2020, 11am-1.30pm, Vienna Volksoper

Nina Moebius at or 01/514 44-320