The Fairy Tale Tent

The fairy tale tent (“Das Märchenzelt”) has been designed specially by KULTUR FÜR KINDER in collaboration with Stand 129/Caritas. The children on the KULTURSCHULTÜTE programme get additional language support that facilitates the integration of children from different nations and cultures by stimulating communication and interaction. In February 2019, at a comprehensive teacher coaching, professional storytellers, as well as educators, pass on their expertise regarding narrative techniques and the history of fairy tales. Participating teachers will discover details and backgrounds of selected stories and receive a ‘storytelling suitcase’ with extensive teaching materials; it aims to support them in textually preparing their students for the accompanying event at the Fairy Tale Tent with Ameli Pauli in March 2019. Even prior to the event, the children will be able to play with their imagination by inventing and telling stories. In April 2019, a professional storyteller will join the children at school, to unearth their very own treasure of stories and ideas, teaching them to present it in a self-confident manner.


11th/12th, 18th/19th and 25th/26th March 2019 at 10am, Weltmuseum Wien

Workshop for teachers:

12th February 2019 at 2.30pm, Weltmuseum Wien

Classroom workshops:

Check the Kulturschultüte lists in the downloads area.


Melanie Künz at or 01/ 925 63 23