The Four Seasons

What causes the four seasons? How does the landscape around us change throughout the year, and what does that mean for us? And above all: how to artists depict the changing phases of the year? Primary school classes will discover the answers to these and many other questions during an exciting interactive tour at the Albertina.

Pupils love learning about the four seasons throughout Kindergarten, pre-school and primary school. Using an age-appropriate model, an interactive tour at the Albertina visualizes planet earth and demonstrates how the seasons come to exist. The tour examines the characteristics of the seasons, the changing landscape and what this means for our daily life. At the centre of the tour are the four seasons as depicted by artists. How do they portray spring? How can one paint the parching summer heat? What does autumn bring? How many shades of white are in snow?

At the end of the tour the children take part in a 60-minute workshop in the Albertina studio and create a three-dimensional tree depicting the four seasons.

Workshop for teachers:

Dates Albertina:

Teachers workshop: 21st January 2020, 4-6pm Albertina.

Meeting point: Court Albertina, opposite the ticket desk

Check the Kulturschultüte lists in the downloads area, duration 120 minutes