Inspektor X and the Stolen Necklace

What could an old fox possibly be doing in the most venerable Musikverein? An expensive necklace has been stolen and he must help find it! But to do this he needs lots of clever assistants who, alongside the musicians of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, will go on a search with the adventurer and his trombone!
Whilst unwravelling the mystery, our young detectives will get involved with solving riddles and will listen to many orchestral music highlights – all in the wonderful surroundings of the Musikverein. In a preparatory workshop, teachers will recieve training from the music teachers and musical „adventurer“ Albert Landertinger on how to prepare pupils for their quest! They will learn how the music of Claude Debussy, Georg Friedrich Händel and Johann Strauß might be rather helpful in the solving of the case.


21st February 2018 at 9am, Musikverein Wien Gläserner Saal


10th January 2018 at 3pm, Musikverein Wien Musikverein Wien


Désirée Hornek:, Tel.: 01/505 86 81 29