Rejoice and be glad

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra offers a richly diverse programme this school year with many choral and orchestral pieces for the festive season. In the concert “Rejoice and be glad”, audiences are invited not only to listen but to themselves become of the performance.

The Vienna Symphony Orchestra, together with the HIB Voices and Young HIB Voices, will be performing an exciting programme of choral and orchestral works in the Musikverein this school year, including “Rejoice and be glad” from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Christmas Oratorio “A Little Man in the Woods” from Engelbert Humperdinck’s Hansel and Gretel, “Hallelujah” from Handel’s Messiah and “Soon and very soon”, a gospel number you’ll want to sing along to! Music educator Marko Simsa will lead the proceedings with energy and enthusiasm – Christmassy vibes are guaranteed!

Workshops for teachers and pupils will prepare all participants for the big event.

Johannes Wildner, conductor

Marko Simsa, host

Young HIB Voices, choir

Beate Länger-Öelz, Ulrich Permanschlager, choral directors

HIB Voices, choir

Christoph Wigelbeyer, choral director

Workshop for teachers:


Workshops for children:

12th November 2019, 4-6pm, Vienna Konzerthaus, Studio C

9th December 2019, 9am, Musikverein, Großer Saal

Preparatory classroom workshops: 18th/21st/27th November or 6th December 2019, to be arranged individually


Bettina Büttner-Krammer at or 01/58979-17 or 0664/355 30 78