My Beethoven

In the Eroica Hall, lovingly restored by the WIEN MUSEUM, young musicians of Vienna’s music schools will play famous works by Beethoven such as the “Moonlight Sonata”, “Pathétique” or excerpts from concertos and chamber music…

In the following weeks, the children and their teachers dive into Beethoven’s life and work and prepare intensively for his 250th birthday, which they will celebrate on December 16th, 2020 in the Great Festival Hall of the Vienna City Hall. Together with the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the Music Schools of the City of Vienna, the Vienna Boys’ Choir and musicians of the three major Viennese orchestras, pupils will listen to the most famous passages from his great symphonies, concertos and piano works. The director and president of the Vienna Boys’ Choir, Gerald Wirth, in the role of the great master, conducts and plays the piano to guide the audience through the creative process of composing. At various points during the concert, the children themselves become co-interpreters of his famous melodies. One thing, of course, must not be missing at the end of the concert: a four-part serenade, which they, together with the large orchestra and the Vienna Boys Choir, will present to the birthday child in the magnificent ambience of the beautiful hall!


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17th of September at 3pm at the Beethoven Museum (Wien Museum)

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Eva-Maria Wall via or 01/925 6323