Die Me-Ma-Mu-sicians: off into the rainforest!

This year the Me-Ma-Mu-sicians are taking Kulturschultüte primary school children on a journey into the jungle. Exciting musical adventures with unfamiliar animals, new sounds and fun songs. Meet us on the jungle train and don’t forget your tickets!

After a rhythmical warm-up it’s time to jump on the jungle train for an exciting musical journey. Upon arrival the children will learn the language of the rainforest and head off on their first expedition. They will meet colourful parrots, lively monkeys, an elephant who loves flowers and many other jungle dwellers. But beware the moody tiger, whom only the smartest creatures can outwit… Before returning home there is just enough time to celebrate with the dance of the parrots and maybe even a quick canon!

A diverse elementary music lesson to waken the imagination and eagerness to experiment with sound and rhythm.



11th/7th/24th/25th/31st Octover and 7th/8th November 2019, mornings.

Melanie Künz at kuenz@kulturfuerkinder.at or 01/925 63 23