Mozart – The Big Cheese

Wolfang Amadeus Mozart is the star of this year’s musical theatre performance by the Vienna Boys’ Choir. In the concert venue MuTh, pupils can get to know Mozart on many levels: as a boy genius and ‚rockstar’ of his time, who composed the greatest „hits“ that are still being played across the world today!

The Vienna Boys’ Choir, just like the famous composer, tours across the world and so can best retell the hilarious and thrilling stories Mozart experiences on his own travels! The audience will hear how the young Amadeus had little regard for the listening habits of the time and enjoyed provoking and poking fun, and how he shined and dazzled as man and musician. The Vienna Boys’ choir gives insights into the lives of young stars, and tell us what you do when you go on stage at the Vienna Opera House without the right props…

As always, the music teacher Birgit Reithofer will prepare teachers and pupils for the performance, so that every child can have his own experience with Austria’s most famous composer.


8th November 2017 at 11am, Konzertsaal MuTh


approximately 1-2 weeks before the performance, to be arranged directly


Christina Bierbaumer:, Tel.: 01/347 80 36