Who hasn’t heard the story of the wooden puppet that comes to life and whose nose grows, whenever he lies? Before the runaway can be reunited with his father Geppetto to become a real boy of flesh and blood, he has to fight his way through many adventures: he is thrown into prison, almost freezes to death, frees himself from the clutches of a cruel circus director and survives a whale attack on the high seas.

For the first time, the music of versatile composer Pierangelo Valtinoni, that has been written for an audience of all ages and includes numerous solo parts for children, will make its way to Austria. Over the course of various workshops, that are held in collaboration with the wonderful music educator of the Volksoper Wien, Nina Moebius, the children and their teachers can immersive themselves in the mysterious world of the Volksoper and witness the retelling of this famous story for the stage.

Opera tour:

Classroom workshop:



date according to agreement

date according to agreement

23rd March 2020 from 11am to 12.45pm, Volksoper Wien

Nina Moebius at or 01/514 44-320