Albertina in the Classroom

For the school year 2016/17 KULTUR FÜR KINDER and the Albertina have created an entirely new visual arts project exclusively for Kulturschultüten-children.

By partaking in the project “Albertina in the Classroom”, primary school children from the second year upwards will get to know important painters such as Renoir, Picasso and Magritte. They will also have the chance to paint their own portraits in the Albertina studios – just like the greats! These individual paintings make up a fantastic joint result and can be displayed in the classroom or at home. Even after the children leave primary school they will have this precious memory of a wonderful experience and will find true appreciation for their own creativity.

Teachers will receive practical and theoretical training beforehand, as well as resources for the workshop and for in-school preparation lessons.

Workshop at the Albertina:

weekdays between 8am and 6pm, to be booked in advance


2 hours

Coaching for teachers:

Tuesday 11th October 3pm-6pm
Meeting point: Albertina foyer, opposite the ticket desks


Albertina Art Education, Mag. Ines Groß-Weikhart
T 01 53483-541 or