Dr Musigunde – The Jolly Music Doctor

Another entirely new project that is designed by KULTUR FÜR KINDER and exclusively for Kulturschultüten-children is called Dr Musigunde, the jolly music doctor. After visiting Europe’s many concert halls the expert in music therapy, is hotly awaited in Vienna. A tour with the Vienna Boys Choir is coming up soon, accompanied by the Schubert Orchestra. But before this can happen all instruments and singers need an urgent health check to cure any tensions, upsets, sore throats or other ailments!

So, in the new concert hall of the Vienna Boys’ Choir a musical doctor’s surgery will be set up, where Dr Musigunde will check the orchestral instruments and, using breathing, aural and vocal exercises, will heal all ills! Because only when the instruments are well tuned and listening to each other, can they properly accompany the wonderful voices of the Vienna Boys’ Choir.

The children and their teachers will be turned into superb assistants of the doctor herself at joint workshops beforehand, and will be a huge help in the musical hospital at MuTh.


Workshop for teachers:

Workshop in schools:

Thursday March 1st 2018, 11 am, MuTh

Tuesday 9th January 2018, 3 pm, Palais Augarten

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