When Mr Monday and Mrs Friday

Just like the notes of a scale, the days of the week have a very special order – children usually learn this when they start school. But what happens when Mrs Friday and Mr Monday decided to dance out of line? And how does it sound when Mr Thursday suddenly falls asleep, leaving Mr Wednesday to worry that everything is falling into chaos?

The composer and musicians of this years “Musik zum Angreifen” are looking forward to introducing primary school children to the meaning of order and chaos in everyday life and how each day of the week can have its own sound.


March and May 2017, more details very soon!
Composer: Hannes Dufek
Musicians: Christian Schlecher, Birgit Kellner

Workshops for children and teachers:

to be arranged with each school/class


Helene Griesslehner: h.griesslehner@jeunesse.at or 01/710361610