A High Time With Haydn!

After a preparatory workshop in the classroom, primary school pupils can look forward to a “Haydn-Spaß (a “High Time With Haydn”) at the MuTh concert hall. Music teachers and musicians at Augarten are currently preparing for a fairy-tale opera – or an operatic fairytale – to address many questions about the life of famous composer Josef Hadyn, who lived at the time of the Viennese classical movement in the 18th century:

Would Haydn change anything about his compositions if he could write them again? Or would he be satisfied with what he composed back then?
Did he really get on with his pal Mozart?
What do pupils think about his opera “The World on the Moon?”
Was it fun to work in the music industry in the 1700s?
We’ll get these and many other answers straight from the horse’s mouth.

Bookings for concert and workshop: Director Elke Hesse on 01 –  347 80 10 or at elke.hesse@muth.at www.muth.at