Password: Chamber Music

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and the Vienna Konzerthaus have designed a special series of concerts especially for primary school pupils. The children can get up close to the musicians and their instruments to hear and see how they breathe, what they feel, and how they play with passion to the highest standards.

This year the pupils will get to know a number of instruments in two chamber music concerts: four horns, a harp, a clarinet, a viola and a flute. Hanne Muthspiel-Payer will support the teachers in their classroom preparation for the two concerts, and he and the musicians are looking forward to meeting the little listeners!


Monday 12th December 2016, 9.30am Vienna Konzerthaus, Schönberg Hall: Philharmonisches Hornquartett “All About the Horn“
Monday 22nd May 2017, 9:30am, Vienna Konzerthaus, Berio Hall
Philharmonisches Quartett with works by Robert Schumann and
Franz Schubert

Workshops for teachers:

Tuesday 18th October 2016, 3pm, Vienna Konzerthaus, Schönberg Hall
Thursday 30th March 2017, 3pm, Vienna Konzerthaus, Schönberg Hall


Nicola Kahlig or Hanne Muthspiel-Payer at