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More than 5.000 children and their teachers from fourteen primary schools in Vienna – mostly with high percentages of children from migration backgrounds and many with special needs – are already involved in this exciting project. The KULTURSCHULTÜTE enables each primary school pupil to participate in a free cultural project once a year. The projects are developed in close cooperation with Vienna’s most reputable cultural institutions and cover the following areas:

  • Music (singing, music-making and dance)
  • Drama/Story Telling (language, acting, improvisation)
  • Museums (art, cultural history, handcrafts)
  • Orchestra (listening, instruments, history of music)

The projects are financed via music and culture patronages and sponsors.

We are delighted that the Austrian UNESCO Commission has taken on the overall patronage of the KULTURSCHULTÜTE.

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The KULTURSCHULTÜTE began life as a pilot project for Vienna primary schools in 2013 and is now the central project of the organisation KULTUR FÜR KINDER.

Since the founding of KULTUR FÜR KINDER in September 2015, the number of participating pupils has more than doubled and looks to rise even more in the future. In addition, the KULTURSCHULTÜTE has publicised its profile and aims: the primary goal of the project is to provide a cultural education in the school and home lives of all children, and to enhance creative potential and future prospects.

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Teaching materials and workshops
All projects include ready-made teaching materials for teachers and their pupils. Children can discover and develop their creativity and talents through workshops in schools and the cultural institutions. Where possible they work directly with the artists.

Training for teachers
Workshops and training courses should support teachers in the sustainable implementation of cultural content into the curriculum.
Of course, the project also includes free access to a cultural event hosted by one of the cultural institutions.

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The  KULTURSCHULTÜTE wants to reach out to as many children as possible and is growing every day.

Projects are being developed, programmed with the cultural organisations themselves, and partly also designed cross-departmentally. Transitions between the cultural sectors should, therefore, be fluid.

Over the coming years, KULTUR FÜR KINDER plans to undertake further cultural initiatives alongside the every growing KULTURSCHULTÜTE projects. This means we are reliant on third party financial support.

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