“Der Bauer als Millionär”: a Play by Ferdinand Raimund

The Vienna Children’s Theatre will spirit children away into a magical world of elves and fairies. In ‘Der Bauer als Millionär’ the children will discover Ferdinand Raimund’s fairytale first of all in their classroom and then at the big performances in the MuTh. Drama coaches will go into schools and give the children a theatre workshop in the basics of acting. There are also age-appropriate teaching materials about the play and the time it was written, which teachers can use in preparation lessons with the class.

Pupils and teachers alike will be in the fairy-tale mood in time for the big performances in the MuTh at the end of June 2017 with the children of the Vienna Children’s Theatre.

Performances at the MuTh: 19., 21., 22., 26., 27. and 28. June , 09:00 -11:00h

Premiere on September 6, 19:00h; Other dates: September 7 and 9,  16:00-19:00h, September 10,  11:00 and 18:00h, September 16 , 16:00-19:00h, September  17, 15:00-18:00h

Dates for workshops and performances: please contact Ida Pammer,  01/2144 625 or info@kindertheater.at