Einen Jux will er sich machen (He Will Go on a Spree)

At the Vienna Children’s Theatre, children perform the classics for other children and pass on their very special take on the great works of world literature. Next year, the young actors will take on Johann Nestroy’s ‘Einen Jux will er sich machen’. As the title suggests, things are about to get turbulent in the most humorous of ways. The children on stage and in the audience will have a lot to laugh about…

Well-behaved shop worker Weinberl wishes he were someone else and longs for adventure. When his boss leaves him in charge for a short while to travel to Vienna for romantic reasons, Weinberl takes his chance, closes the shop and heads out into the big wide world. He only makes it to Vienna, where, unsurprisingly, he bumps into his boss and commits one blunder after another.

A coaching session will thoroughly equip teachers to prepare with their pupils in class. They will receive teaching materials and ideas for improvisation exercises, which drama coach David Heissig will put into practice in workshop with the pupils in school.

Workshop for teachers:

Classroom workshops:



24th March, 2.30-4pm, Weyrgasse 7, corner of Esteplatz (green door)

to be arranged individually

last two weeks of June 2020, 9am-11am, MuTh

Ida Pammer at info@kindertheater.at or 01/2144 625