Brawling in Chioggia

At the Vienna Children’s Theatre, children perform the classics for other children and pass on their very special take on the great works of world literature.

Le baruffe chiozzotte (Brawling in Chioggia) is a play by the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni, first performed at the Teatro San Luca in Venice in January 1762. It deals with the comic struggles between two groups of fishermen in the lagoon-mouth village of Chioggia brought on by the love affairs of the younger generation. Written in a dialect even more exotic than Venetian, the comedy is intensified by the presence of a hapless young Venetian official, who is helpless to enforce order on the sly inhabitants he is supposed to keep under control.

A coaching session will thoroughly equip teachers to prepare with their pupils in class. They will receive teaching materials and ideas for improvisation exercises, which drama coach David Heissig will put into practice in workshop with the pupils in school.

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