passwort: kammermusik1: Beethoven reveals all!

The world-famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday with his beautiful septet in Eb-major in a concert in the Vienna’s MuTh. In this concert, Beethoven is not presented as a supernal hero, but instead as someone who wished to move people with his music.

With the help of seven members of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and musical outreach director Hanne Muthspiel-Payer, audiences will immerse themselves in Beethoven’s thrilling music. His septet op.20 in Eb-major for strings and woodwind is on the programme. Participating pupils will be actively included in the performance and have the chance to get up close and personal with musicians from the world-famous orchestra, get to know their instruments and learn how to play with passion at the highest level.

Hanne Muthspiel-Payer will support teachers in their preparation once again with a workshop preceding the event, and will accompany the children through the event itself.


Christoph Koncz, violin

Gerhard Marschner, viola

Stephan Koncz, cello

Christoph Wimmer, double bass

Daniel Ottensamer, clarinet

Sophie Dervaux, bassoon

Josef Reif, horn

Workshop for teachers:



23rd December 2019 from 3pm to 4.30pm, MuTh, Atelier

16th December 2019, 11am, MuTh, concert hall

Nicola Kahlig or Hanne Muthspiel-Payer at