Singing in the Virgil Chapel

A secret clue at the famous St Stephan’s Square leads to a hidden underground spot in the heart of Vienna. More then 800 years ago Leopold the 5th, who had witnessed the secret power of music in his life, called Meistersinger Walther von der Vogelweide to his court and founded thereby the tradition of Vienna as a city of music.

The pupils’ musical journey will begin with a visit from a harpist, and will continue in to the Virgil Chapel under St Stephan’s Square, erected in 1230 but only re-discovered in 1972 whilst the subway was being built! Secret medieval letters from St Stephan’s Cathedral, five beautiful songs and an introduction to the history of Austria in the middle ages will prepare the children for a very special experience: with their own voices they will bring the heart of Vienna back to life and discover the melody inside them. This project has been specially designed by KULTUR FÜR KINDER for Kulturschultüten-classes.

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9th of February 2021 at 3pm, Wien Museum, Schubert Geburtshaus

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Eva-Maria Wall at or 01/925 63 23