The Walzerkönig in Palais Coburg

Our primary school pupils will be warmly welcomed in the historical and beautiful cerimonial rooms of the Palais Coburg as guests of a real Vienna ball. Clementine, the lady of the house, has a special surprise for them: the king of waltz Johann Strauss Son is not just there as a close friend of the family, but instead will personally accompany the young dancers on their journey through the polka, waltz and quadrille – all with the help of his wonderful ensemble! But Countess Clementine has a problem: a delicate issue, a complicated love story, which the Walzerkönig might be able to help her with.

Palais Coburg, beautifully renovated between 2002 and 2003, was the most important house of the imperial court in Vienna at the time of Johann Strauss Son. As a trusted friend of the Coburgs he was not only a regular guest at the palace, but also composed pieces for the family on particular occasions. The family even helped him to marry his third wife as a Coburg citizen.

Together with musicians and a hostess the children will dance the waltz and quick polka at their very own ball, learn about the life and works of the king of waltz, and solve with him a love story, which will hopefully reach a happy ending with a little help from his wonderful music.

As an introduction to the project teachers are invited to a coaching in Palais Coburg, and shortly afterwards the children will take part in a workshop in school to prepare them for the great ball.

Workshop for teachers:

Workshops in schools:



11th of March 2021 at 3pm, Palais Coburg, Marie-Antoinette Salon

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17th and 18th of  June 2021 at 9AM and 11AM Uhr,  Palais Coburg

Eva-Maria Wall at or 01/925 63 23