As a Culture Patron you can enable Vienna primary school children to take part in the KULTURSCHULTÜTE projects at no cost.
With just € 25,- you can support a child for a whole year:

1 child     x 1 year / 4 years = € 25,- / € 100,-
1 class    x 1 year / 4 years = € 625,- / € 2.500,-
1 school  x 1 year / 4 years = € 7.500,- / € 30.000,-

Your patronage finances the child’s participation in one cultural project per year, which reaches its peak with a visit to one of Vienna’s great cultural institutions.

We want to reach out to more and more children from different primary schools each year and give them their own customised cultural starter pack in the form of the KULTURSCHULTÜTE.

With your patronages and individual donations we want to place the KULTURSCHULTÜTE on a broader footing and finance it independently.
Donations from the patronages are used for the developement of new projects, for events, workshops and teaching materials.

IBAN: AT60 2011 1827 5733 6600

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