KULTUR FÜR KINDER is a non-profit organisation, which aims to provide access to cultural experiences for all children in Austria, irrelevant of their background and social status. The organisation enables children and their teachers to participate in cultural activities at no cost.

Our work places the child at the centre, and all our projects have a joint goal: to awaken creativity and support a comprehensive and sustainable cultural education.

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Who We Are

Integrating cultural education into the home and school lives of our children promotes their cognitive, emotional and motoric abilities.
The organisation KULTUR FÜR KINDER has set itself the target…

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The Vision

By providing access to an active engagement with art and culture we aim to enhance children’s creativity and zest for life, further their educational horizons and give them a happy, fulfilling and prosperous future.

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The Team

The organisation KULTUR FÜR KINDER consists of a motivated and dedicated team of various artists, cultural experts, as well as educational experts and scientists whose primary aim is the wellbeing of our children.

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Around 4.200 children and their teachers from fourteen primary schools and several well-known cultural institutions in Vienna are already involved in this exciting project. The organisation KULTUR FÜR KINDER is producer, organizer and mediator of the cultural projects. The Austrian UNESCO-Commission has taken on the patronage…

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Current Projects

The Kulturschultüte currently offers many projects in the fields of music/singing/dance, museum/arts and crafts, theatre/story telling and orchestra and enables them with hands-on-programs to really become an active and creative part of the projects…


Singing With Children

To get children and their teachers singing together in musical and chanting projects and discover the joy of community singing is part of the concept of KULTUR FÜR KINDER. Also singing at home with families should be encouraged through “sing along concerts” for example in the Wiener Konzerthaus and the MuTh…

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Partner Organisations

KULTUR FÜR KINDER works with several well-known cultural insititutions in Vienna  – from the small “Wiener Kindertheater” to the widely travelled “Vienna Boys Choir” up to the big “Albertina”…

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Outreach Partner

KULTUR FÜR KINDER enjoys a close cooperation with 19 reputable and motivated cultural institutions in Vienna. Their dedication enables many projects…

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Cultural Schools

More then 5.000 children from fourteen primary schools in Vienna – that educate children with up to 30 spoken languages and some with special needs – are already involved…


Culture Patronage

As a culture patron you can enable primary school children in Vienna to participate in the cultural projects provided by the KULTURSCHULTÜTE from just …

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Individual Donation

If you are interested in supporting the non-profit organisation “KULTUR FÜR KINDER” and its projects for children in Vienna in your own ways, you can also make an individual donation…



KULTUR FÜR KINDER exists to improve children’s wellbeing. We are a non-political organisation and our work is financed mainly through private foundations, patrons and sponsors…