Musik zum Angreifen: Next Door

In spring 2019 musical theatre is back on the programme for 1st and 2nd year pupils:
A little mouse brings three egoistic, feuding neighbours together, who until now have been hiding away in their own worlds. Through its mischievous trickery, such as drilling holes in the wall, setting the clocks wrong or mixing up sheets of music, the neighbours are brought to each other’s attention. Gradually they become more and more curious. They start to listen to and respect each other, and finally dare to come out of their mouse holes. The polarities, expressed through music, melt away to form a harmonious whole…

Jeunesse productions are a laboratory for new approaches in the field of musical outreach and draw on music from all epochs and cultures, as well as elements from other disciplines such as theatre, dance, puppetry and digital art.

Duration: ca. 45 minutes

Workshop for teachers:



28th February 2019 at 3pm, Reaktor

12th, 18th/19th, 25th/26th March and 1st April 2019 at 9am and 10.30am, Reaktor, Bibliothek

Paula Oberscheider at or 01/710 36 16-18