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When Ludwig van Beethoven was born, 250 years ago, nobody knew that a genius had just taken his first breath. This Jeunesse production gives an insight into the emotional world of both the composer and the individual and asks the question: how and where to can we channel our own feelings?

250 years ago Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn. At that time no one had a the faintest idea that he would go onto have such a unique impact on the musical world. Little Ludwig was trained as a classical musician and his congenial talent was obvious from very early on. Beethoven’s life took him to Vienna where he took lessons from the great masters and gained sponsorship from the city’s upper classes. His revolutionary compositions incited controversy but were always entirely compelling. However, all these musical, social and financial successes were unable to alleviate the composer’s growing despair about his onset of deafness and the prevailing conventions forbidding marriage to his “undying love”. (From: Beethoven. Der einsame Revolutionär by Jan Caeyers).

Ludwig van Beethoven was an extremely emotional person – both in his private life and as a composer. A child’s daily life is also characterised by a wide range of feelings, which they need to have under control by the time they start school. So what happens to our emotions? Where can we put them? The Jeunesse musical theatre production explores these essential questions through Beethoven’s life story and musical works.

Trio Artio (Judith Fliedl, violin | Christine Roider, cello | Johanna Estermann, piano) | Ela Baumann direction | Susanne Felicitas Wolf script | Nina Ball stage design, costumes

Workshop for teachers:



start of April 2020, exact dates to be confirmed, Reaktor, library

15th/27th/28th April, 4th/5th May 2020, at 9am or 10.30am, Reaktor, library: dates to be confirmed individually

Barbara Hellmayr at or on 01/710 36 16-19